Inclusion & Diversity

Diversity defines us.

Composite image of diverse employees

Committed to inclusion and diversity, we can ensure that Sandia attracts, retains, and develops a world-class workforce.

Inclusion and diversity are defining elements of Sandia. They foster multiple perspectives, promote acceptance of different learning and working styles, and encourage the innovation for which we are known. Inclusion is the practice with which we value those differences and commonalities and leverage our diversity for exceptional service in the national interest. Diversity, by definition, is any mixture of people, groups, or ideas not limited by gender, age, culture, sexual orientation, or physical or intellectual abilities.

Committed to inclusion and diversity, we can ensure that Sandia attracts, retains, and develops a world-class workforce. One of our core values at Sandia is to work together for great results. We share this common vision by fostering an attitude of mutual respect.  Inclusion is a conscious choice. It is Sandia’s choice.

Outreach and Networking Groups

Several networking groups at Sandia have been formed by employees with common interests. The following groups are open to all employees and share a common goal of supporting, celebrating, retaining, and attracting a diverse workforce:

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    American Indian Outreach Committee

    The American Indian Outreach Committee at Sandia was established in 1979 as a representative group of technical and administrative professionals whose key interest is to recruit American Indian professionals into the Sandia workforce. We also strive to increase public knowledge about our customs, heritage, art, traditions, and technical achievements through a variety of events and activities.

    Asian Leadership & Outreach Committee

    The Asian Leadership & Outreach Committee promotes teamwork and communication among all cultural groups; career growth, development, and success of Asian Americans at Sandia; and an awareness of Asian cultures, values, accomplishments, and activities.

    Black Leadership Committee

    The Black Leadership Committee (BLC) serves the laboratories by providing leadership to Black employees in support of Sandia's mission. The BLC also participates in identifying and recruiting qualified Black employment candidates, and promoting cultural awareness at the Laboratories.

    Christians in the Workplace Networking Group

    The Christians in the Workplace Networking Group contributes to an open, supportive, and respectful environment for Christian employees at Sandia by raising awareness of the concerns of Christian employees, supporting programs that encourage employees to reach their full potential, and working toward the prevention and elimination of workplace harassment.

    Disability Awareness Committee

    The Disability Awareness Committee helps Sandia employees understand the abilities that each individual brings to their position within the company. We assist, counsel, and serve as a liaison between candidates, visitors, and members of the workforce with disabilities, as well as employees with disabled children. We promote awareness and help build a culture of openness, trust and respect for everyone.

    Sandia Pride Alliance Network (SPAN)

    SPAN contributes to an open, supportive, and respectful environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered employees at Sandia by raising awareness about sexual orientation and gender issues; supporting outreach and recruiting activities; and supplying resources that address transgender, bisexual, lesbian, and gay workplace issues.

    Hispanic Outreach for Leadership and Awareness

    Hispanic Outreach for Leadership and Awareness promotes community involvement and inspires career success for Hispanics at Sandia by striving for equal representation at all levels, supporting Hispanic employees and students in reaching their full potential, and promoting cultural diversity.

    Military Support Committee

    The Military Support Committee engages all levels of the workforce to create and foster a military-friendly community and culture that supports Sandia's mission. We support veterans, active military personnel, guardsmen and reserves, along with our non-military employees who have family members deployed.

    Sandia Women's Action Network

    The Sandia Women's Action Network encourages all women to participate, network, and work together toward common goals; promotes participation in community outreach activities that encourage women and girls to pursue fulfilling careers; and assists Sandia in becoming a model employer with a hospitable working environment for women.


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