Geoscience photo
Sandia has a unique ability to mesh the geosciences with diverse disciplines and resources, resulting in collaborative proficiencies not available anywhere else.

Geoscience professionals at Sandia perform research and technology development directed at a number of areas vital to national security. These areas include energy production, storage, and security; water resource management; hazardous waste storage and treatment; national defense and security applications; and the development of geo-inspired materials for these applications.

For example, Sandia geoscience professionals are using broad capabilities, such as advanced computing, threat and vulnerability assessments, techno-economic assessments, and sustainability, to investigate the relationships between natural systems, human systems, and built infrastructures. Other geoscience staff members are supporting our military forces by designing better means to find, characterize, and defeat hardened and deeply buried targets. Still others are focused on providing new energy resources as they explore fossil fuels, water, and other natural resources, as well as advanced drilling and extraction technologies.

Our geoscience teams have the ability to create integrated solutions to solve high-value problems. In addition, Sandia geosciences professionals have access to the most up-to-date computational and laboratory resources in the world.

Key areas for geoscience professionals at Sandia

  • Energy production, storage, and security
  • Carbon capture, reuse, and sequestration
  • Persistent monitoring for nonproliferation, defense applications, and border security
  • Defense systems and assessments
  • Geotechnical systems analysis and engineering
  • Resource exploration, extraction, and development
  • Hazardous waste storage and treatment