Scientist working with lab equipment

Critical skills of critical importance

Hone your skills in areas of key significance

Many technical and business interns work on challenging projects within one of Sandia’s departments. Others may be selected to work within one of Sandia’s technical institutes.

Housed at both our New Mexico and California sites, these technical institutes provide interns challenging work experience in multiple disciplines critical to Sandia’s mission, including cybersecurity, computer and computational science, predictive simulation, remote-sensing technologies, electrical and mechanical engineering, the physical sciences, and software engineering.

Within the institutes, interns perform leading-edge research under the guidance of a Sandia mentor and use world-class state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Depending on need, interns could, for example, help design the programmable logic for a prototype system, contribute to a predictive-simulation model, or conduct pulsed-power experiments.

Technical seminars, tours, and workshops, and social activities round out the experience, giving interns an excellent overview of Sandia's mission, research, and culture.


Consult the table below to explore Sandia's many institutes.